(unpleasantries, yes, but they need to be said)

DISPLAY: If you want to display my art, I require full credit given (to me, Valery Milovic, the artist and sole owner of copyright), and a link to my website (brokentoyland.com). This is for display purposes ONLY.

MYSPACE (and other such sites): I do not allow use of my art as icons on myspace, livejournal, facebook, AIM, any and all chat, blog and journaling sites, etc. I do however allow it to be used for display purposes only on such sites. (See above).

EDITING: You cannot edit my art images to provide a text over it, cut them out to create other graphics, etc. I own all rights to my art and any images of it. Changing them in any way violates intellectual copyright law.

TATTOOS: I'm flattered that anyone would want to use my art for a permanent display on their body, but I would appreciate being asked. I usually don't mind. But I do ask that 'credit due' be given. I also require that you make sure the tattoo artist, tattoo salon, or whatever, make no copies of my art to be used for later. This is illegal. Why? Because it's illegal to reproduce my artwork without my consent. And if they reproduce my artwork, making money off it, and I become aware of this, I will take legal action.

WEBSITE GRAPHICS: All graphics on my website (brokentoyland.com, fluxfire.com) were created by myself and are not for free use. This means my backgrounds, animations, still graphics, everything.

REPRODUCING MY ART: Do not, under any circumstances, reproduce my art. I found someone selling my art on t-shirts on ebay. Said they got the images from a tattoo artist. I couldn't believe it. Around the same time someone contacted me about putting my art on t-shirts for me. I wasn't interested. They started threatening me to do it anyway, without my consent. That they took images off my website and had all the stuff they needed to make the shirts. That after being completely rude and abusive to me. Well, let me just caution anyone with such bold pretenses: Don't do that because I will sue you. Furthermore, I'll win, too. There's very strict copyright laws out there now to protect intellectual property. My art is my intellectual property so please, don't go there. Even if you purchase some of my art, that does not give you ANY rights to reproduce it. I still own the copyrights to ALL my art, after purchase. Unless of course, I give you permission.

All that said, feel free to email me. I'm usually close by and am more than happy to answer any and all questions. And if you email me to ask me if you can do the things I've asked people not to do in the above text, then I'm going to tell you the same. I really don't want my art being used like clipart or something.

I want everyone to know that I appreciate every single purchase and compliment sent my way. I'm overwhelmed that someone wants my art. I'm humbled that anyone would want to display my art on their website. I'm totally thankful. I'm also protective of it because it's a huge part of me. It IS me. Please respect that. I mean, how can you love the art and disrespect the artist? They're one in the same.

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